Meet the Callaways

We're newly weds living in Austin, Texas. We created this blog not only to inspire, but to learn and grow as we embark on this new journey together. Now let's introduce ourselves...

J.D. is The Original H-Town Stunna reppin' that North side. He moved to Houston from the Philippines in '96 where he turned all the ladies' heads as a Strack Middle School Cougar. In high school J.D. was the cool brown kid who could relate to not only brown kids, but white folks too due to his father's heritage as a country boy East Texan. J.D. likes sports, traveling, dogs, anything from his Alma Mater - The University of Texas, and nachos. In his free time you'll find him browsing Amazon for electronics he can't afford and drinking beverages on various patios or decks. J.D. loves big decks. J.D. is a marketing director at a web hosting company where he has 8 years experience in that field. He's been married to his wife Joanna for 2 year and lives in North Austin with his wife and puppies.

Howdy y'all, meet Joanna. Joanna is one the few people from Austin who was actually born and raised there. Joanna's mommy is from the Philippines while her daddy is from Thailand. One of her passions is cooking amazing dishes that her parents & grandmother taught her how to cook. After receiving her BSN from Concordia University in Austin, Joanna got a job as an RN at an Urgent Care Clinic. Joanna loves the rewarding nature of being able to help people in need and loves the fulfillment she gets from this line of work. Joanna is an avid outdoorswoman and loves going on random adventures like kayaking in the lakes or dancing like a mad woman. Amazing FOOD is a weakness for Joanna. She can't say no to a wonderful carbonara, or delicious Filipino/Thai food like a sinigang. Joanna loves life, her family, friends, big baby (J.D.) and puppy babies to pieces!

Hi! My name is Arya. I'm Border Collie and Lab mix. I was adopted November 2013 at the Austin Animal Shelter by my Tito Sawce. Unfortunately my favorite uncle was unknowingly severely allergic to me. 🙁 My mama, Joanna, convinced papa (J.D.) to adopt me and take me under their wings. I'm grateful because I get to see my Tito almost every weekend! I'm so happy and blessed to be apart of the family! I used to be scared and timid of men and other dogs, but it didn't take long for me to snap out of it because mama would always take me out and "socialize"! I found my new love for water. I enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, and pushing mama and papa off the bed. I can't wait to share my crazy stories with y'all!

Hi, hi, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! My name is Callaway aka Cal. I'm a German Shepard and Lab mix. I was napping at the APA! adoption drive put together by HostGator in May 2015. Papa told mama that she can only come by to look and play with the puppies. But he didn't know how cute I was to mom! It was about time to pack up and go back to the shelter, I was the last one left out of my friends, but mama came by my cage while I was sleeping. She wanted to play with me and I nibbled at her shoes! Good thing I did because that day mama and papa adopted me. I love my big sister Arya!!! She taught me how to pee and poo in the backyard. I'm still a pup full of energy and learning new tricks! I like to dig, play tug-of-war, and slide across the floors. I'm not too fond of car rides just yet because of pukes, but I love making new friends!