The Day I Learned How to Swim

By: Arya Callaway

I used to be terrified of water. There was something about it that always made me uneasy. Why would I go into something so wet and cold? I never understood why other dogs were doing it. But this was the day when everything changed...

We woke up early one morning and the sun was slowly rising from the east. Momma was gathering all our stuff together in one big bag. I think we were going on an adventure! I was super duper excited. We finished our breakfast and hopped into the car. I like to stick my head out of the car, momma usually laughs at me and calls me “silly girl”.

Lake Pflugerville

Once we arrived at our destination, I can smell the water and freshly cut grass.There were lots of humans everywhere, along with other little humans. We jogged around a huge pool of water, I think they call it a lake. The breeze smelled just like the clothes when momma takes it out of the dryer. I thought to myself, this was the perfect day!

As we walked around the lake, momma stopped next to a tree. She tied my leash around the tree and she took off layers of her clothes. She put this blue thing on her head, and along with weird looking goggles around her eyes. Momma said to me, “Arya, stay here. I’ll be back. I’m going to swim 300 meters out. Be a good girl OK?”. I thought to myself, “She’s going to do what? What’s swimming?”. As momma walked away, she submerged herself into the water. I was freaking out! Will she be OK? Is she coming back? I could barely see her now. I tried barking, but no answer. I tried barking even louder, but answer. I’ve had enough. I’m not going to let my human drown, I need to save her!

The other humans were just going to let her drown? Why were they just standing around not helping?! I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to do something. I was tied to this stupid leash on this stupid tree. I could see that she was drifting further and further away. I’m not going to just sit here and let her drown. That’s it, I’m breaking out of this joint. I chewed, chewed, and I chewed on my leash until I broke free. I don’t like water, but momma needed my help. I need to save her. She means everything to me! I jumped into the water and swam as fast as I could. She was really far away, but I had to get to her. I kicked my legs back and forth, trying to hold my head above the water. I finally caught up to momma, swimming right next to her. She looked at me surprisingly and said, “Arya! What are you doing crazy girl?!”. Well darn momma, I’m just here saving your life. We swam side-by-side until we got back to dry land.

Once we got back, I shook off the water and rolled all over the grass. I was so relieved that my human was OK. I jumped, cried, and licked her face. Since that day, I wasn’t scared of the water anymore. I actually really enjoy it. Momma and I would even go fishing and paddle boarding together now! Swimming isn’t bad after all.

Arya Callaway
Have you ever had to save your human before? If so, please share your stories!

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