Smoothie To-Go

Here's a simple recipe I would like to share. I really enjoy this smoothie because you can add pretty much any fruit you want, and it's super easy to grab it and go. 

Time: Prep 5 min | Ready In 2-3 hours


32 oz of Yogurt

½ cup of blueberries

½ cup of strawberries (chopped)

1 medium apple (cut into cubes)



Step 1:  Mix all the fruits in a bowl


Step 2: Fill muffin pan with mixed fruit


Step 3: Add yogurt on top


Step 4: Place in freezer for a 2-3 hours

Step 5: Remove to-go smoothies from muffin pan - if it’s hard to remove, just get a sharp knife and something to hit the base of the knife (I used a meat tenderizer) and hammer it like you were with a nail and hammer. Just do this to one side. It should pop right out of the pan.



Now you have your own fruit smoothie to go! Just place one or two minis in the blender and add juice or milk! For the rest of the minis you could place it in a freezer bag and pop it back in the freezer for later use. 

Joanna Callaway 
Did you try out this recipe? Comment below and tell me all about it! 


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