A few days ago, J.D. brought up the idea of changing the bathroom faucet, it's a little out-dated. The day after, I decided to browse around Home Depot to get a few ideas. Next thing you know, I was at the check-out line with everything I needed to remodel our guest bathroom. I messaged J.D. on Gchat to tell him about my plans to work on the guest bathroom (at this point I was already sanding everything down) - he was NOT happy. We had a lot going on this week and on top of that, we were going out of town for the weekend (understandable). I promised that I would finish before the weekend and to trust me, he gave me 3 days to finish and was worried that it was going to be an expensive project.


Well let's just say I pulled it off in 2 days and under $100.00 - how about them apples?! Keep in mind that I am no expert at all of this, but I am always willing to try and learn different skills!


This will be a 3-part blog:

Part 1: How to paint the cabinets 
Part 2: How to install a new faucet 
Part 3: DIY bathroom decor 

Part I: How to Paint the Cabinets

What you need:

cabinet tools
Step 1. Unscrew the knobs and hinges (using a power drill makes this go by faster). Place all the screws, hinges, and knobs into a bag and be sure to label them so you know where they go.

Step 2. Wipe down all the cabinets with soap and water. Then dry off with a towel. This ensures that when you are painting over the cabinets, it's nice and clean without any residue.

Step 3. Sand down all the cabinets and cabinet frames. This is VERY important to do because it helps the paint stick onto the cabinet. Once you've sanded down everything, clean the cabinets once more (yes, lots of cleaning! But it will be worth it in the end.).

Step 4. Use the painters tape to outline the cabinets. Be sure to outline the inside and outside of the cabinets. (Rule of thumb: anything you do NOT want paint on, you should tape!)


Use painters tape to outline the cabinets.
Use painters tape to outline the cabinets.

Step 5. Paint your first coat! Go with the grain when painting. (Pictures below). For the large flat spaces, use the paint roller. As for the areas of the cabinet with more detail, use the smaller paint brush. Once you're finished painting your first coat, remove the tape ASAP so that it doesn't peel off when dried (something I learned afterwards). It's best to wait 24 hours for your first coat to dry. Once dried, you could use the sandpaper to sand any blobs or debris (Go light on the sanding. Just enough to level it out). Then paint your second coat and let it dry for another 24 hours.

with grain

Here is a very helpful video that I found on youtube!

Step 6. Screw all the hinges back in place. If you are planning to buy new knobs, keep in mind about your old knobs. One hole or two? This determines if you need to make new holes. haha.

Before 1after 1
This took me 2 days to finish all with under 100.00. If you're on a budget, but would like to upgrade apart of your house it CAN be done.

***I am definitely NOT an expert at this, but I got the job done and it turned out beautiful!***

Joanna Callaway

Did you remodel your bathroom? If so, do you have any additional tips/advice? Share your DIY projects with us and let us know how it went! 



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