Before getting married, I was thinking of some ways to shore up our finances and provide a little bigger safety net for our future. One of my initial ideas was to sell my beloved motorcycle, a 2005 CBR 600rr. Having been a rider for about 11 years, this was my initial reaction:

After deciding it would probably be a good idea to sell not only for our finances, but to also ensure that I was no longer what EMTs called “a walking organ donor”, I finally relented.

I had to have one last hurrah before I let it go. I saw that our local riding school was putting on a track day at the US’ news Formula 1 race track here in Austin – The Circuit of the Americas. What better way take one more ride than to go balls-to-the wall at America’s newest state-of-the-art race track?

It was a hot, but sunny June morning when I arrived at the track. After setting up in our paddock area, I checked in with the safety officer after taping all the glass on my bike and headed to the classroom. Here, instructors gave out riding tips for the course and instructions on body positioning, how to pass other riders (something I unfortunately would not need – you know those old people going about 50 on the freeway? I felt like that the whole day compared to some of the other riders) and other things to keep in mind.

Then it came time to hit the track. Once I got going, the feeling was euphoric. At my fastest, I was doing about 140 mph on the back straightaway. This was pretty slow compared to some of the other, more experienced riders going 185+. Still the adrenaline was in full effect. I was having the time of my life while simultaneously feeling like I was about to shit right into my race suit.  Overall, it was one of the most memorable days I’ve had, and would highly recommend a track day to anyone, there are even some that allow you to take your car for  a track day. Below is one of the goPro videos I recorded with one of my laps. The 2 minute mark is the fastest part of the track, the back straightaway I mentioned earlier.

– J.D. Callaway

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